1999 Superior Master Catalog

Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to the future! The catalog you hold in your hands represents the best in sewing machine parts and supplies to carry you into the bold new century ahead .

We at Superior Sewing Machine & Supply Corp. would like to be the first to welcome you to the next mil – lennium in business---and congratulate you for weathering the rough seas of change that have marked the past several years. Technological advances, global shifts in sewing production , currency fluctuations and fashion trends have rocked our industry. Keeping up with all these changes has become a very important part of everyone's business, and we at Superior have been hard at work on many fronts to keep pace with this dynamic environment. EXPANDED PRODUCT LINE We have added many thousands of new items to our parts line. Each new item has been subjected to the same quality assurance scrutiny that has kept us the industry leader in high quality generic parts for more than 40 years . In adhe1ing to our traditional standards, we can offer you parts of high quality and good value. IMPROVED CATALOG This catalog reflects tbe spirit of growth and progress we associate with the changing times and illustrates our belief in a bright future for the sewing trades. In an effort to keep the catalog a manageable size in the face of the dramatic increase in the number of items we now carry, we have made certain space-saving changes. These are described in greater detail in the ··u sing This Catalog" section which appears in Engli sh on page 1. and in Spani sh on page 2. NEW TECHNOLOGY/ENHANCED SERVICE Our new, state-of-the-art computer system allows us to take advantage of the latest technologies to bring you rapid response and improved service. Many of you have already seen some of the benefits of thi s new system in easy-to-read parts labels, complete with the bar coding required by some of your customers. as well as improved packing slips. more detailed statements, and the like. Many more technology-based improvements are on the way. As we look to the future , we will never lose sight of our commitment to our many loyal customers who have kept us at the forefront of the _wholesale sewing machine parts and supplies business. We value the trust and confidence you have placed in us and will continue to provide you with the quality and service that is uniquel y Superior.

Very trul y yours,

Herbert J. Kl apper President

Lonny M. Schwartz Chief Executi ve Officer

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