1999 Superior Master Catalog


Even with the addition of thousands of new item the improvements we have made to Ma ter Catalog '99 have a llowed u to keep thi ca talog to a ma nageab le size. We have a l o made Ma. ter Catalog '99 easier to use o tha t you can find the informa tion you require as quickly a po ible. The mo t important changes a re described be low. Hooks, Bobbins & Bobbin Cases Relocated - The separate Hook, Bobbin Ca e, & Bobbin ection which previously appea red in the front of the catalog have been elimi nated. All hooks, bobbin ca e a nd bobbin now appear in the ir appropria te machine class section . Please remember to refer to our conve nient Hook, Bobbin Case & Bobbin Cross-Reference Table loca ted on pages 29-37. Thi tab le i a va luab le reference tool and has been greatly expanded for this catalog. Part Appearing Only in the Numeric Index - The Numeric Index i expanded to include many part that a re not pictured o r Ii ted in the body of the cata log but which are nonethele · available for immed iate hipping. The e part are de ign ated as "NP" (Not Pictured) in the Nume ri c Index a nd fall into everal categori e , incl ud ing: • ~'NP' Part for Brother, Kansai and Mit ubishi Machine - Pa rt for Brother, Ka n ai and Mitsubishi machines tha t we stock for immediate delivery, but do not picture in the catalog, carry a n "NP'' de ignat ion in the Nume ric index. As a master distributor for the e manufact urer , we have acces to their entire line of indu trial ewing machine part and can upply you with any part you need. Among the te n of tho u ands of pa rt we have avai lable from these manufacture rs, we have only pictured a represent a tive cross-section. Please inquire about the ava ilability of a ny part you do not find. We are a lway adding new part to o ur in- tock product line and ca n order any other pa rt you require directly from the e ma nu facturer . • "NP" Parts for Consew, Seiko, Stager and Toyota Machines - Pa rts for Consew, Se iko, Stager and Toyo ta machines that we stock for immediate delivery, but are not pictured in the ca talog, a re listed as "NP" .in the Numeric Index. Many of these were added to our line so recently that it was too late to include them in the body of thi ca ta log. • "NP" Parts for Other Sewing Machines and Miscellaneous Items - Parts for othe r brand of sewing machines and other items that we stock for immediate delivery, but were added to o ur line o recently that the deadline pa ed for including them in th e body of the catalog. a re Ii ted a "NP" in the Numeric Index. · "NP" Parts in Lesser Demand - To ma intai n the ca ta log at a prac ti cal size, parts th at we stock for immediate delivery, but for which we have received re lative ly few requ es ts, are Ii ted a "NP" in the Numeric Index. Parts for Singer Machines Relocated - We have reloca ted the en tire section of parts for Singer machi nes into its proper alphabetic rotation among th e sections of parts for th e va ri o us sewing mach ine manufacturers, instead of placing parts for Singer machines first. Part Number Sequencing - The parts listed in the Numeric Index in the middle of the ca ta log are equenced in numeric/a lphabe tic order, instead of sequencing our pa rts by the numbe r of digits in the part number. Please refer to " Using this Index" loca ted on the first page of the Numeric Index for a mo re de ta iled explanation of this new sequencing me thod.

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